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Notable Networkers - January 2020

A new year and a new set of notable networkers to recognise:

Notable Networkers, January 2020
© Suzanne Fells Photography

Jonny McPhee
Invictus Communications

Ben Deabill
Print Spin

Carla Garey
Saffron Catering

During December 2019, Jonny passed over £50,000 worth of referred business to the rest of the chapter.

You can find out more about Jonny and his telecoms business, here

Ben has been part of the chapter's visitor host team for over two years and has been recognised for the work he has done in this role.

Find out more about Ben and his printing company, here.

Number 1 member in the region for 11 of the past 12 months, inviting 71 visitors and passing over half a million pounds worth of business to the rest of the chapter. Just some of the reasons Carla has been recognised as a notable networker this month.

You can find out about Cara's event and corporate catering company here.

We are looking for a charity!
(and we are going to talk about it)

BNI Parkside are looking for a representative from a local charity to come and join the group. We've helped a number of good causes since the chapter formed in 2008 and the seat has become available again.

If you represent a local charity, or if you are the local representative of a national charity, please contact chapter director, Lee Tabreham for details of how the group might be able to help you in the future.

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