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Jason Smith

Phone 0115 8752701
Mobile Number 07717 175879

Jason Smith
BNI South Derbyshire
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Jason Smith

BNI South Derbyshire
Chapter: Professionals BNI

BNI Professional

My BusinessIf you are frustrated with collecting nothing but business cards from your networking I can help. I am a part of a team of business development coaches who have helped their clients generate more than £8 billion in the last 12 months across 73 countries. We specialise in word of mouth marketing. We already know this as business through referral or recommendations. I help my clients to develop a proven strategy to either get more clients or to help them to find better quality clients. We do this through 1-1 training, group development and CPD accredited Workshops. We also partner you with up to 60 like minded local business owners who will help you to develop and test this strategy.

Ideal ReferralA supplier or client who wants to grow their business. All you need to ask is "can I introduce you to 20+ of my best local contacts who would love to meet you and learn more about what you do"?

Top ProductBNI Membership - We are the best in the world at what we do.

Top Problem SolvedSpecific Referral Requests

My Favorite BNI StoryYellow Bins. A member who did Waste Disposal had not received many referrals. One day circumstances meant that his 7 year old daughter accompanied him to the chapter. She stood up and said, "My Daddies business is rubbish! He needs you to look out for Yellow Bins. If their bins are not Yellow then my daddy cant save them 30% on their waste disposal as they are using someone else." The members all wanted to know why he hadn't told them that before as they had struggled to understand how to refer him. In the following weeks he received a lot of referrals. The moral of the story - if a 7 year old can explain or understand our business, so can our members. Therefore, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

My Ideal Referral PartnerA proactive accountant who regularly sees that their clients need more business. A Marketing Consultant or Business Coach who are being tasked with helping their clients to gain more business.